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July 1, 2022

There is so much happening in healthcare right now. Each day seems to bring new innovations that we believe are timely and newsworthy. Our goal for this newsletter is to provide the latest news around interoperability, the adoption of blockchain in healthcare, and trends that are important to healthcare leaders and innovators throughout our industry—like you.

A Welcome Note from the CEO

It’s been about a year since I stepped into the role of CEO at Avaneer Health. During this time, I’ve had dozens of conversations with payers, providers, and innovators across the country. These discussions are always insightful and energizing; it’s encouraging to see their passion for improving the healthcare experience. One trend I’ve noticed is that organizations are investing in digital transformation and interoperability to create a positive experience, achieve better outcomes, and manage the cost of care. Most all of them are focused, like Avaneer is built to enable, on really improving healthcare for humans…better billing experiences, better access, more timely care, financial assistance, care management, etc. It is so exciting to see the focus on the patients at such a high level!

Despite the progress, our industry is still challenged to exchange data efficiently and effectively. There have been gains in interoperability, especially in clinical data exchange. But healthcare organizations continue to be challenged by costly point-to-point API connections and administrative complexity. Many innovative companies struggle to quickly unlock the value for their clients due to time-consuming delays in scheduling and completing one-to-one client data integration projects.

Achieving interoperability requires payers, providers, and other stakeholders to come together and collaborate. By connecting once to a secure national healthcare network, participants are connecting to many other participants to seamlessly access the data needed for administrative and clinical functions. This efficient approach lowers administrative costs required for exchanging data while expediting and streamlining care experiences.

It’s time for healthcare to collaborate on how we can work together better – and finally create the healthcare experiences we all want.

Stuart Hanson
CEO, Avaneer Health

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Featured Content

 Using Network as a Service to Finally Resolve Healthcare’s Interoperability Challenges

Seamlessly sharing data between multiple organizations is a challenge that other industries have already solved. Today, consumers can easily send money between financial institutions with a click of a button, and they can do it with just a phone number or email from the recipient. When will healthcare catch up?

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Company News

Avaneer Health Business Update: Joseph Rostock joins the executive team as Chief Operating Officer

Our team is excited that Joe Rostock is joining our team as the Chief Operating Officer. He shares our passion for improving care experiences and reducing complex administrative processes. Joe will lead engineering, infrastructure, client integration, and operations teams. He joins our team from Allscripts and has held executive positions at ComScore, Verizon Communications and Inovalon.

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Healthcare Leader Talks About Challenges and Trends in Distributed Data Exchange

Over the past two years, organizations like IBM and PNC Bank have been collaborating with payers and providers that usually compete against each other to design the governance structure needed to create a healthcare network. Healthcare IT News spoke with Stuart Hanson, CEO of Avaneer Health, about the opportunity to connect once to many, use cases for blockchain in healthcare, and what may arise from blockchain 2022.

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Industry Insights

Tackling Healthcare’s “Last Mile” of Interoperability
​​​PNC Insights 

U.S. healthcare spending is predicted to reach $6.2 trillion by 2028. PNC is actively collaborating in the design and development of business applications that will advance the seamless, secure exchange of information and payments over a network. Read about how this healthcare fintech leader is innovating.

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The Next Frontier For Healthcare: Blockchain, AR and VR

From increased transparency to borderless payments to VR, AR, and AI—technology-enabled innovation is transforming the healthcare industry and the patient experience in particular. This article shows how the healthcare industry is on the cusp of an exciting revolution.

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From The Avaneer Blog

Healthcare, Heal Thyself

Healthcare has demonstrated over the past two years that it can innovate quickly. We witnessed tremendous, overdue change (such as widespread adoption of telehealth) happen in months. Interoperability is one area where significant gains are needed to fully unlock the potential in healthcare. Stuart Hanson, CEO of Avaneer Health, outlines how healthcare can
heal itself.

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