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A Data Network to Tackle Real-Time Eligibility and Claims

June 1, 2023

Stuart Hanson, CEO of Avaneer Health, recently spoke with John Lynn of Healthcare IT Today to discuss how, despite 20 years of government regulation, funding, incentives, and startups trying to create better access to data, few efforts have actually succeeded in moving the interoperability needle forward in our industry—until now.

Hanson shares the story of a group of industry giants who are working together to reinvent how data moves within the healthcare system. This group is unique because it’s taking an infrastructure approach to solving interoperability by creating a completely new kind of network where data can flow freely without being aggregated or centralized.

The result? Real-time claim adjudication (3.5 seconds per transaction) and accurate coverage and eligibility information available before the patient leaves the office.

Learn what other use cases are coming next and how the network is poised to speed the rate of innovation in our industry.

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