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During the tour you will learn:
  • How the Avaneer NetworkTM enables you to connect directly with any other network participant to seamlessly and automatically share coverage information in real time without aggregating data
  • How providers and payers will gain insight into all active and inactive coverage information that is more complete, leading to accurate claims management and better coordination of benefits (COB)
  • How to discover when payers have different views of primacy
  • How to use the information to reconcile misaligned data and remediate issues that lead to incorrect coverage information at the point of care and beyond
  • How Coverage Alignment results can be provided automatically in your system and viewed for issue resolution
  • How your organization can lower administrative costs while improving patient or member experience
We’re looking forward to sharing the unique way that Avaneer Health is empowering providers and payers to lower administrative costs while gaining accurate insight into coverage information.