Enhancing Patient-Centered Care: Strategies for Innovation

Healthcare startups often tout their vision for disrupting the industry with a new technology or innovative solution. What they don’t understand is how many barriers health systems must overcome before leveraging those solutions in a way that makes sense from a financial and resource perspective. In an industry where 1% margins are the norm, fixing air conditioners, elevators, radiology machines and other infrastructure must take precedence. The last thing health system leaders want is to add another point solution—no matter how awesome it is–in an enterprise already struggling to manage dozens of disparate systems and thousands of vendors. Dr. John Chelico, Chief Medical Information Officer for CommonSpirit Health, says startups need to embrace humility and patience and work to have deeper conversations with health systems to gain a more enlightened understanding of how to meet their needs.

From 72-Hour Waits to Real-Time Rides To Save Patients’ Lives

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) helps hundreds of millions of patients get to their medical appointments each year, often for critical life-saving treatments like dialysis and chemotherapy. The decades-old NEMT service industry traditionally relies on highly manual, paper-based processes that often inhibit a patient’s ability to receive the care they need and for NEMT businesses to get paid. Kinetik founder and CEO Sufian Chowdhury saw an opportunity to reinvent how this industry functions through digital innovation. Hear him talk about the obstacles he faced, the lessons learned, and what it means to be a startup in today’s complex healthcare industry.





Transforming Healthcare through Habit Change

In this episode, Jeffrey Ruby, founder and CEO of Newtopia, explains the focus and mission of his habit change company, which aims to prevent, reverse, and slow chronic diseases while reducing healthcare costs. Throughout the conversation, he talks about Newtopia’s approach,  including its partnerships with employers, health systems, and value-based providers. Jeff discusses the company’s emphasis on primary prevention, the whole health approach, and the use of personality and behavioral genetics to match participants with coaches. He also highlights Newtopia’s success in engaging individuals, achieving positive health results, and their collaboration with Alice Walton’s Heartland Whole Health Institute.

Tune into this episode for insights into Newtopia’s innovative approach to healthcare and its efforts to shift the focus towards keeping people healthy rather than solely managing illnesses!

Igniting Change. The Spark: A View of Innovation in Healthcare

Rachel Schreiber and Stuart Hanson discuss the inspiration behind the healthcare innovation podcast, “The Spark.” They highlight the necessity for transformation and reinventing inefficient processes in healthcare to create a better experience. The podcast aims to feature innovators and thought leaders who are tackling healthcare’s challenges in unique and disruptive ways. Collaboration and thinking outside the box are key themes, as well as the importance of improving processes and workflows in healthcare.